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  • Restaurant Refurbishment

Restaurant Refurbishment

GIA carried out a restaurant refurbishment on the existing site and created a newer more vibrant inviting venue where visitors could enjoy a meal but would also entice them in to just relax with a drink.

It needed to be appeal to families wanting to enjoy time together in a fun environment.

The venue is on the coast so GIA took their inspiration from the Caribbean and surf shacks.  Each area was themed in order to appeal to different age groups.

The original building had low ceilings so GIA needed to incorporate this into the design.

Exposed surfaces are used on the ceiling to maximise the height of the low ceilings.

An unusual particle board with coloured batons and corrugated roofing areas echo the style of the roof of a surf shack.

Surf print decals decorate the beams and colourful walls and partitions carry on this theme.

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