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SBID Awards Nomination 2015

GIA were delighted when Hollywood Bowl in Cheltenham was voted to be one of 18 ‘best designed’ restaurants and bars in the world in the SBID International Design Excellence awards.

It featured alongside venues as diverse as a restaurant in Saudi Arabia with a vast vertical living wall, and an eatery in Mumbai with a three-dimensional geometric interior. The seven UK entries in the SBID International Design Awards, all of which have opened or been redesigned in the past two years, show a more understated style.

The Cheltenham venue was chosen for its hospitality offer, imaginative design and its appeal to groups, families and couples wanting to enjoy time in a relaxed environment.

Attractive elements of the design were the themed graphics and lighting at the entrance, the ’57 Chevrolet booth seat and the bespoke lighting that made the dining area feel ‘theatrical’.

The venue is decorated in the style of an American diner with a Hollywood atmosphere and the vintage car seats and bright colours create a fun vibe.