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  • Cardiff Costa Counter -travel terminals

    Travel Terminals

    Travellers spend lots of waiting time in airports and railway stations, known as travel terminals, and this makes them prime footfall for retail and food and beverage outlets. We have vast experience in these specialised areas.  Many of our jobs involve developing cafes and retail

  • Inverness Bar Design

    New Bar Design

    Our new bar design at Inverness Station draws upon themes from the local area. This rebuild and refurbishment has a fresh new look welcoming existing and new customers. To find out more about our other projects click here

  • Pool Design Boat & Bucket

    New Pool Design

    It's great to see the new pool in Cleethorpes is open. There's lots of fun to be had with boat slides, tipping buckets and fun characters. Bright and colourful changing rooms and shower cubicles make the whole experience fun. The new pool has drawn lots