• Sustainability - Tesla Style

Sustainability – Tesla Style

When Tesla was created over a decade their aim was to accelerate the advent of sustainable transport by bringing compelling mass market electric cars to market as soon as possible.

Their mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy through increasingly affordable electric vehicles and renewable energy generation and storage.

The MD at GIA decided to adopt this new and exciting technological development in 2016.

He now uses his Tesla model S to travel the length and breadth of the UK to visit our clients.  His journeys now require a little bit more planning to ensure that there are enough charging points on route to allow him to complete his journey. The flip side is that he uses no diesel and arrives at his destination rested and fed due to pauses in the journey to charge.

This is no mean feat when you realise our customers can be in the far Southwest of Wales, Cornwall, the South Coast of England and the Scottish Highlands.

Sustainability is a key consideration in all our work. We recognise that our actions, designs and specifications have an effect on the environment and we take every opportunity to minimise their impact.  Using a Tesla vehicle to travel to client appointment supports this consideration.

The Bar & Restaurant we designed in Northumberland was constructed to a sustainable design and incorporates many energy saving technologies to reduce energy consumption and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

The building structure itself was constructed using a timber frame and local natural materials.

It made the best use of natural resources and harnesses a high level of solar heating to the building.

The building fabric was highly insulated to reduce heat loss in the winter months.

High level windows on the roof allow for the natural cooling and ventilation of the building. Underfloor heating was provided by two Air Source Heat Pumps.

Lighting was installed with high efficiency LED lighting throughout the building reducing the overall lighting energy consumption.

The high level of glazing to south and west elevations not only facilitates the heating of the building but also affords stunning views out across the lake.

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