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This new Hollywood Bowl bowling centre is at a Mersey retail park on the outskirts of Liverpool.  The park is now seen to be an aspirational destination which offers a range of restaurants, bars, and cinemas.

This venue is part of a new generation of bowling centres offering cutting edge bowling lanes, newly released amusement games and a great bar/diner.  The centre has a Californian feel with urban features, bold black and white imagery. It has a sunset colour palette which combines aesthetics and practicality.

It uses lighting, sound, and layout flexibility to adapt for the different age groups using the venue at different times and to create mood and atmosphere.

The lighting can be altered to suit different types of events and helps to create zones within the venue.  It picks out sculptural aspects, enhances architectural elements and highlights details in the design.

Colourful seating pops against the monochrome backgrounds and bold geometric graphics.

Lane seating is enhanced with lighting which can also be used to zone the lanes.

Furniture is a mixture of bespoke high level for the bar, mid-level for dining and lower for casual use. All using a selection of fabrics and textures.

Air charging facilities are offered on the lane tables and USB charging points are also available.

The venue has a state-of-the-art scoring system and has digital screens showing leader boards, menus at the bar and play options at reception.

The arcade has the latest technologies to appeal to all age groups. These include crane machines which are licenced to feature Disney characters.

Many of them have redemption features, the most popular being Hungry Hippos.  The game which is most popular with all age groups is air hockey.

The centre offers a level of theatre and one-of-a-kind features that are rarely seen in this type of venue.

Hollywood Bowling Centre design seating
Hollywood Bowling Centre design graphics
Hollywood Bowling Centre design VIP
Hollywood Bowling Centre design car seating
Hollywood Bowling Centre design bar

The team at GIA has played a key role in the rejuvenation of our tenpin bowling estate. Their designs bring a new lease of life to tired interiors and promote a corporate identity that is high quality, vibrant, and fun. From feasibility to the opening night, GIA have helped ensure the success of new sites with an enthusiasm and creativity that is hard to beat.