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We have worked with our client in partnership with Costa Coffee for over 10 years.  We have worked together to develop the brand on the UK travel network.

Working within the travel network involves negotiations with Airports, Station Landlords, Network Rail and Listed Building Approvals.  All the designs must comply with all the requirements of these organisations.  Not only that, the designs must be in line with Costa Coffee’s own design guidelines.

It must also deliver the best customer experience and offer our client the best business proposition.

After several years of negotiating with Landlords and with Costa Coffee, our clients were given permission to operate a Costa/Travelines hybrid service.  Travelines would allow the outlet to offer similar products to newsagents along with usual food and drinks.  GIA helped design these outlets to get the best from the space available and make efficient use of staff.

This utilises one space within an airport or a station where these services are fused together to maximise product availability in limited space.

This has the advantage of offering a full Costa Coffee service to customers. Alongside they are offered with a wide range of travel essentials and sundries, together with books, papers, magazines and other food items.

GIA often find alternative ways forward that we have not spotted that are ultimately better for us and more cost effective in the end.